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NAI Fennelly was conceived and established as a full-service real estate marketing organization for owners, developers and corporations. Our essential service is to design and to aggressively implement creative marketing programs for the sale or lease of office, technology, medical and industrial space as well as land.

Our success can be attributed to(a) our concentration and specialization in the geographic market and product type we serve, and (b) the energy and dedication we devote to every assignment.

Six Reasons to Hire a Corporate Marketing Manager

1. NAI Fennelly Makes The Difference
Corporate real estate is our full-time business. We provide corporations with the hard data needed to make educated real estate decisions.

2. Strategic Planning
Careful and informed planning saves time, prevents false starts, last minute changes in direction and avoids costly disruptions in corporate functions. Experience in marketing real estate has provided us with the ability to implement the marketing function quickly and with an economical return.

3. The Screening Process
Only when the strategic planning phase is completed and a clear marketing program has been established, does the process of marketing the property begin.

4. Complete Objectivity
As your Exclusive Representative, our primary responsibility is to work for you to represent your best interests. In this capacity, we need not compete with other brokerage firms; we cooperate with them to identify the most appropriate opportunity for you. Because we are able to treat each prospect equally, we remain impartial and can evaluate each alternative objectively.

5. An Orderly Process
On your behalf, we will handle all inquiries and submissions from corporate users and cooperating brokers. We will employ a uniform format for presentation, analysis and evaluation. Because we are involved in the overall process, we can compare each proposal as it is made. Your internal review personnel can establish a close working relationship with us and rely on the accuracy and objectivity of our recommendations.

6. The Buffer Factor
As your Exclusive Representative, NAI Fennelly will buffer you in negotiations from the prospect. This will relieve you from emotional involvement and therefore, improve your negotiating posture.

Call us to discuss your marketing requirements and for a personal opinion of a customized marketing strategy for your company.